Panel SPD - 100kA to 300kA per phase

  • Panel SPD - 100kA to 300kA per phase
  • Panel SPD - 100kA to 300kA per phase
  • Panel SPD - 100kA to 300kA per phase
Panel SPD - 100kA to 300kA per phase
  • Prosurge
  • China
  • 30 days after receiving payment
  • 3000pcs per month

PROSURGE PSPC series panel SPDs are high performance UL listed Type 1 and Type 2 Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) that protect most commercial and industrial environments against the harmful effects of transient surges.

 UL 1449 5th and CSA C22.2 listed Type 1 SPD
 UL1283, UL1449 5th and CSA listed Type 2 SPD with Sine Wave Tracking
 Nominal discharge current: 20kA (8/20μs)
 Max surge surrent: 100~300kA per phase (8/20μs)
 Short circuit current rating SCCR: 200kArms - tested without external CB or fuse
 UL1283 listed Sine Wave Tracking (EMI/RFI filter) filtering up to -45dB from 10kHz to 100MHz
 Full modes protection
 Low voltage protection rating
 Degradation failure indication
 With Audible alarm, beep while SPD fail
 With remote Alarm
 With Surge event counter
 NEMA 4X plastic and NEMA 4 metal enclosure optional

PROSURGE® PSP C series panel SPD is constructed with Prosurge’s patented PTMOVs, which has a thermally protected and arc extinguishing technology as the core of Prosurge’s competency. PSP C has a significant advantage in abnormal over-voltage & high fault current safety and thus ensures industry's highest level of safety and performance. The parallel redundancy modules design makes the SPDs extremely robust and reliable, and thus may handle great impulse current up to 300kA (8/20 μs) and multiple impulse current at its highest rated level.

The Prosurge PSP C series are tested and listed as UL1449 5th Type 1 and Type 2 SPD (UL1283 listed with sine wave tracking function). Their front panels integrate functionality of SPD working status monitor and self-diagnosis to enhance the performance and usability. They feature with indicator and colored LEDs to demonstrate the power & protection status of each protected power phase. They are constructed with NEMA 4/4X enclosures to ensure that dirt, dust and water are resisted for either indoor or outdoor usage.

Typical Applications in high & medium exposure locations 

  • Commercial 

  • Industrial 

  • Communications

  • Renewable energy 

  • Critical power (hospitals, data centers, etc) 

General Specification:

PSP category




ANSI/UL1449 5th edition, CSA C22.2 for Type1SPD

ANSI/UL1449 5th edition, CSA C22.2,UL1283 for Type2 SPD

Connection Type

Parallel Connected

Surge Capacity

100-300kA per Phase

Nominal discharge current  In




UL1283 EMI/RFI filter

Sine wave tracking,  up to -45dB  from 10kHz to 100MHz (Type2 only)

Lightning counter Current

≥ 200A (with Reset button )

Failure pre-test

Press 2S (test button)

Power Status Indication

Normal=Blue LED ON

Working Status Indication

Normal= Blue LED ON;  Fail= Blue LED turn to Red

Buzzer inside, beep while SPD fail

Power Connecting  

10AWG, 762mm (30”) length, (L1=black; L2=red; L3=blue; N=white; PE=green )

Signal cable

16AWG, 762mm (30”) length,(C=red; NC=blue; NO=brown)

Working environments

Temperature –40℃+75℃, Humidity relative 5~95% (25℃) , Altitude≤3km

Dimensions (W x D x H)

200 x 150 x 100 mm

286 x 200 x 120 mm

Threaded NPT



Plastic enclosure, NEMA 4X

Metal enclosure, NEMA 4

Configure & Ordering Information:


Model series


Voltage and system configuration


Protection mode


Surge capacity



/  T1

SPD Category


Additional function


120SP: 120/240V split

240SP:240/480V split

120Y:120/1208V WYE

277Y: 277/480V WYE

120H: 120/240V high leg delta

240D: 240V delta

120S:120V 1ph, 2W+G

C: Delete N-G protection mode


11: 25kA per phase

12:50kA per phase

22:100kA per phase

32:150kA per phase

42:200kA per phase

52:250kA per phase

62:300kA per phase

M: metal enclosure

(Only C2 type)

*Part No. without  M means plastic enclosure

(C1 type)

T1: UL type 1 SPD

T2F: UL type 2 SPD with sine wave tracking UL 1283 listed


C: surge event counter

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