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In this section, we post many videos about Prosurge company and products for you to know us better.

a) This video provides an overall introduction of Prosurge's company, our products, strength and production line.

b)  Prosurge is an innovative and progressing company.This is Prosurge's Honor Wall. Prosurge owns 12 Chinese patents and 3 international patents. Prosurge SPDs are UL1449 listed and KEMA certified as per IEC61643-11.

c)This video introduces Prosurge's Multi waveform surge generator which can generate 10/350μS Waveform with max surge current 30kA and 8/20 waveform with max surge current 200kA.

d)This video is to answer the question posted by many customers: how do I know my surge counter is working? This video introduce Prosurge developed portable surge generator SCT-II. We generate a 500A surge and the surge counter successfully capture and record this surge.

Prosurge's passive Lightning event counter LEC-D is used for testing the lightning event in a certain area. It has a long service life due to no battery need and sensitive response and wide lightning current measuring range from trigger threshold 500A up to 300kA 8/20. With a 32mm through hole, all size of cable is easily to be inserted in.

Prosurge's SCT-II portable surge generator has another function to deliver current impulse, simulating alightning current to the SPD, verifying SPD is essential in protecting the power distribution system to avoid lightning ro surge damage.

e) Does surge protection necessary? This video shows you the comparision on with and without surge arrester in the power system, see what will happen to the LED light buld. 

f)This video introduces the intermediate current test of Prosurge’s SMTMOV according to UL1449 3rd edition, the MCOV 150V  SMTMOV pass the test when it is applied to about  240VAC abnormal voltage. If you are interested in our products, welcome visit  our company website:www.spd-china.com.

g) Prosurge's CAT6 D-48/RJ45-CAT6-H(POE) surge protector can meet the CAT6 high speed transmission standard. In this video we use Fluke Network tester to verify the transmission rate.

h) This video is introduce of Prosurge's another test equipment Rated Functioning Temperature (Tf) Tester. It is normally used to test fuse as per IEC60691 & UL61691 standard.

To verify Prosurge's high quality SPD, we add this test to verify Prosurge SPD's thermal disconnector will open at the expected temperature.

i) Prosurge's PTMOV designed to open in the event of overheating due to an abnormal over-voltage or temporary over voltage (TOV) and will interrupt any abnormal current that may be encountered.This item also tested to pass SCCR (short circuit current rating) 200kArms as per UL1449 3rd edition.

This video compares Prosurge's PTMOV with another brand's UL recognized TMOV. We apply overvoltage about 415V to two samples with MCOV 275V.

j) This is a comparison test for UL1449 3rd approved Thermally protected MOV between Prosurge’s SMTMOV and other brand’s TMOV/TPMOV of MCOV 275Vac with test voltage 415Vac applied according to intermediate current testing of UL1449 3rd standard.

k) This video introduce Prosurge's new developed surge monitor. It is designed for monitoring lightning and surge system, tell when and how much kA and how many times of the lightning or surge passing through. It can be widely used in railway, wind turbine power plant, Photovoltaic power plant, Communication room, building and electric etc. applications.

l)This video is about SPD's Accelerate Aging Test. We applied aging test by 1000 hours to Prosurge SPDs, which gives support to proves our 10 years warranty.



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