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PTMOV TMOV Thermally Protected MOV

  • SMTMOV Thermally Protected MOV
  • PTMOV TMOV Thermally Protected MOV
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Product Abstract:

Thermally Protected MOV, Imax 25kA, In 10kA

Product Description

UL1449 4th T1CA surge suppressor with thermal protection designed to open in the event of overheating due to an abnormal over-voltage or temporary over voltage (TOV) and will interrupt any abnormal current that may be encountered.


Ø Compact size to save installation space

Ø UL1449 4th approved  UL File No. E319871

Ø Quick thermal response and perfect circuit cutoff function due to special thermal disconnector design with internal arc extinguishing device(Patent)

Ø Wide operating temperature range and high reliability

Ø Low leakage current

Ø Floating remote signaling contact (50mA, 12Vdc) for fault indication

Ø Application in the AC mains, service entrance, and heavy industrial etc

Ø SCCR up to 200kArms without external fuse or CB

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