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Driven by a well-experienced R&D team, Prosurge is offering various surge protection services to government, business, organization as well as individuals.

Design and Engineering

For any business that have some specific surge protection applications that need a tailor-made SPD, or for any business that want to get their SPD UL1449 3rd edition / IEC61643-11 approved, we can offer design and engineering service that guide you from a roughly concept to final product and get them approved by different organizations.

Surge Protection Product Testing

Prosurge is proud about the testing capability of our lab. We can perform testing on surge protection products that you are using or considering. In this case, you have a clear understanding of the product's performance, reliability, safty and endurance ect.

Certificate and Approval Consultation

Due to our rich experience of dealing with various certificate and approval bodies like UL, Dekra (for KEMA), Intertek (for ETL), TUV ect, we can smooth the process of getting your product certified.

On Site Visitation and Inspection

Prosurge's engineering staff or our working partners can arrange on site visitation and inspection for your unique lightning and surge protection needs. We'll give you the best suggestion within our knowledge and experience.

Educational Seminars and Training

With some excellent minds on surge suppression industry, Prosurge is glad to open educational seminars and trainings to government, business, schools, hospitals ect.

If you have any interested in above services or unmentioned service regarding surge suppression, lightning protection and related products, please write to us at info@spd-china.com.

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