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Why Choose Prosurge?
2014-08-27 17:24:35

Dear visitors,

Welcome to Prosurge website. If you never heard of Prosurge before, we encourage you to take some minutes to think about why Prosurge is a great partner to work with when it comes to surge protection.

We hope the reasons listed below is convincing enough.

1. Prosurge has been an innovative surge and lightning protection player since 2006. Our products has been used in more than 40 countries worldwide with a neglegible defect rate. Some of our SPD is used in highly critical area like indonesia railway system. They are proven by thousands of customers.

2. Prosurge is the only Chinese SPD company to offer 10 years warranty while most other competitors just offer one or two years warranty. We have facts and data to support our 10 years warranty.

3. We implement ISO9001:2008 quality management system. On some products, we are required to implement Six Sigma to control the defected proudct quantity to around 3pcs in every 1 million pieces.

4. Unlike other Chinese SPD compnay that just copy products from DEHN, OBO, CITEL, Schneider ect, we invest a lot on R&D. We have a 15 people in house R&D team and a renowned surge protection expert in US as our consultant. And we have patents in Asia, North America and Europe.

5. Prosurge is the only Chinese SPD company to get their DIN rail SPD approved by BOTH UL (UL1449 3rd edtion) and KEMA (IEC61643-11). These two certificates are the most authoratative, also the most expensive and difficult, in UL and IEC standards countries. They are perfect demonstration of our R&D capability and product quality.

If you've taken the time to read this article, we bet your already make your decision. Write to us at info@spd-china.com should you have any inquiry or need any help. 

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