• SMTMOV Thermally Protected MOV
  • PTMOV TMOV Thermally Protected MOV
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  • GDT (gas discharge tube)
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Product Abstract:

High Quality MOV

Product Description

General Characteristics

No Radioactive Material 

Leads: Surface-mount, Axial Devices: Tin Plated 

Storage Temperature: -55oC to +125oC

Operating Temperature: -55oC to +85oC 

The devices have a high current handling, high energy absorption             

capability and fast response times to protect against transient 

Devices with No Leads: Nickel Plated 

faults up to rated limits. 

Body: Nickel Plated


Transistor, diode, IC, thyristor or triac semiconductor protection.

Surge protection in consumer electronics.

Surge protection in industrial electronics.

Surge protection in electronic home appliances,

gas and petroleum appliances.

Relay and electromagnetic valve surge absorption.  

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