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10A DIN Rail Surge Filter

  • 10A DIN Rail Surge Filter
  • 10A DIN Rail Surge Filter
  • Din rail surge filter (5A~25A) with filtering and remote alarm contact)
  • two ports surge filter/surge panel

Product Abstract:

10A DIN Rail Surge Filter with filter attenuation function, Imax 20kA 8/20 per phase.

Product Description

HIT,Prosurge made surge protective device especially for low-voltage power supplysystem surge protection at the boundaries from lightning protection zone 2-3and higher.

Ø  Class III(D) surge protector in accordance with IEC61643-11 and UL1449-4th

Ø  Seriestype SPD/surge power filter with rated load current 10A, max discharge current20kA 8/20 per phase

Ø  Singlephase surge protection

Ø  Highenergy MOV(Metal Oxide Varistor) inside

Ø  Interferencesuppressor filter >40dB @ 1MHz

Ø  Lowvoltage protection level

Ø  Failureindication by LED

Ø  Fast response

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