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2014-05-21 09:40:37

What Are SPDs

Since it is impossible to prevent voltage surges from either entering a building or from occurring inside a building, surge protection was invented. The function of the surge protector is to stop (or at least limit) the effects of less-than-perfect power quality on solid-state electronic devices.

Surge protective devices (SPDs) reduce and divert transient voltage levels. SPDs were formerly known as Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS).

Surge protective devices are designed to reduce potentially damaging short-duration transients present on:

telephone or facsimile lines,

cable TV feeds,

security systems,

entertainment center or stereo equipment,

kitchen or other household appliances, and

any other power or control lines connected to electronic equipment, such as computers.

Surge protection is a cost-effective solution to prevent downtime and equipment damage. It is suitable for any facility or load.

Do we really need surge protection?

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