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Cross Reference

Cross Reference Between OBO and Prosurge I
2014-09-18 16:20:04

This sector gives you a quick cross reference between our models and OBO's models. If you are currently using OBO' SPD, you may find it very useful. For more cross reference, please contact our sales team.

Please noted that these documents are only for reference. They may not 100% accurate due to the fact that all manufactures update their products frequently.

Class I
MCD 50-B 3+1 B50G/255/3PN100  or  G50/255/3PN100
MCD 50-B 3+1-OS B50G/255-F/3PN100  or  G50/255-F/3PN100
MCD 125-B NPE G100/255NPE
MCD 50-B 3 B50G/255/3P  or   G50/255/3P or G50P/255/3P (Pending)
MCD 50-B 3-OS B50G/255-F/3P or  G50/255-F/3P or G50P/255-F/3P (Pending)
MCD 50-B B50G/255  or  G50/255  or G50P/255 (Pending)
MCD 50-B-OS B50G/255-F  or  G50/255-F  or G50P/255-F (Pending)
MC 50-B 3+1 B50G/255/3PN100  or  G50/255/3PN100
MC 50-B 3+1 OS B50G/255-F/3PN100  or  G50/255-F/3PN100
MC 125-B NPEG100/255NPE
MC 50-B 3B50G/255/3PN100  or  G50/255/3PN100
MC 50-B 3-OSB50G/255-F/3PN100  or  G50/255-F/3PN100
MC 50-B VDEB50G/255 or  G50/255  or G50P/255 (Pending)
MC 50-B-OSB50G/255-F or  G50/255-F  or G50P/255-F (Pending)
MCD 50-B 0MG50P/255 (Pending)
MCD 50-B 0-OSMG50P/255 (Pending)
MC 50-B 0 VDEMG50P/255(Pending)
MC 50-B 0-OSMG50P/255(Pending)
LC 63L-63C
Class I+II
V50-B+C 1+NPE 280BPS12.5V/275/PN  
V50-B+C 1+NPE+FS 280BPS12.5V/275-S/PN  
V50-B+C 3+NPE 280BPS12.5V/275/3PN   
V50-B+C 3+NPE+FS 280BPS12.5V/275-S/3PN  
V50-B+C 3-280BPS12.5V/275/3P 
V50-B+C 3+FS280BPS12.5V/275-S/3P
V50-B+C 4 280BPS12.5V/275/4P 
V50-B+C 4+FS 280BPS12.5V/275-S/4P
V50-B+C 0-280MBPS12.5V/275
V25-B+C 1NPE150BPS7V/150/PN25
V25-B+C 2NPE150BPS7V/150/2PN25
V25-B+C 3NPE150BPS7V/150V/3PN25
V25-B+C 1-150BPS7V/150
V25-B+C 2-150BPS7V/150/2P
V25-B+C 1+NPE 280BPS7V/275/PN25
V25-B+C 2+NPE 280BPS7V/275/2PN25
V25-B+C 3+NPE 280BPS7V/275/3PN25
C 25-B+C 1T80/255 
V25-B+C 1+NPE-FS 280BPS7V/275-S/PN25
V25-B+C 3+NPE-FS 280BPS7V/275-S/3PN25
V25-B+C 1-280BPS7V/275-S
V25-B+C 2-280BPS7V/275/2P
V25-B+C 3-280BPS7V/275/3P
V25-B+C 4-280BPS7V/275/4P
V25-B+C 3-FS280BPS7V/275-S/
V25-B+C 4-FS280BPS7V/275-S/4P
V25-B+C 3+AS 280BPS7V/275-S/3P AS
V25-B+C 4+AS280BPS7V/275-S/4P AS
V25-B+C 3NPE 385BPS7V/385/3PN25
V25-B+C 1NPEFS 385BPS7V/385-S/PN25
V25-B+C 3NPEFS 385BPS7V/385-S/3PN25
V25-B+C 3NPEAS 385BPS7V/385/3PN25 AS
V25-B+C 1-385BPS7V/385
V25-B+C 2-385BPS7V/385/2P
V25-B+C 3-385BPS7V/385/3P
V25-B+C 4-385BPS7V/385/4P
V25-B+C 0-150MBP7V/150
V25-B+C 0-280MBP7V/275
V25-B+C 0-320MBPS7V/320
V25-B+C 0-385MBPS7V/385
PS4-B+C TT-TNS-255 B50G275/3PN -C3V40
PS4-B+C TNS+FS-255B&C B50G275/3PN-C3V40-S
PS3-B+C TNC-255B&C B50G275/3P-C3V40
PS3-B+C TNC-FS-255B&C B50G275/3P -C3V40-S
FS4-VA TT-TNS -255B&C B50G275/3PN-C3V40
PS4-VA TT-FS-255B&C B50G275/3PN -C3V40-S
PS3-VA TNC-255B&C B50G275/3P-C3V40
PS3-VA TNC+FS-255B&C B50G275/3P -C3V40-S
V20-C 1+NPE-150DS40/150-(V+T)     /   SP150/PN
V20-C 2+NPE-150DT40/150-(2V+T)    /   SP150/2PN
V20-C 3+NPE-150DT40/150-(3V+T)    /   SP150/3PN
V20-C 1-150V40/150           /    SP150
V20-C 2-150DS40/150-2V       /    SP150/2P
V20-C 3-150DT40/150-3V       /    SP150/3P
V20-C 1+NPE-280DS40/275-(V+T)    /    SP275/PN
V20-C 2+NPE-280DT40/275-(2V+T)   /    SP275/2PN
V20-C 3+NPE-280DT40/275-(3V+T)   /    SP275/3PN
V20-C 1-280V40/275           /    SP275
V20-C 2-280DS40/275-2V       /    SP275/2P
V20-C 3-280DT40/275-3V       /    SP275/3P
V20-C-4-280DT40/275-4V       /    SP275/4P
V20-C 1+NPE-385DS4O/385-(V+T)    /    SP385/PN
V20-C 3+NPE-385DT40/385-(3V+T)    /   SP385/3PN
V20-C 3+NPE-385FS38
V20-C 1 385V40/385           /    SP385
V20-C 2 385DS40/385-2V       /    SP385/2P
V20-C 3 385DT40/385-3V       /    SP385/3P
V20-C 4 385DT40/385-4V       /    SP385/4P

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