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Webcam/CCTV Signal Surge Protector -BNC connector

  • RF/Coaxial/Attenna Protector
  • DB Terminal
  • SPD with multi function for CCTV, signal,controls
  • Telephone Line SPD- RJ11 connector
  • Data network SPD for Cat5, Cat5e
  • Data Surge Protector for CAT5, CAT5e with POE
  • Data surge protector for CAT6 1000Mbps surge protection
  • Data Network SPD  for Cat6 1Gbit with POE
  • Din Rail RS485 Signal Surge Protector
  • Webcam/CCTV Signal Surge Protector -BNC connector
  • SPD for  1 pair signal/data surge protection
  • SPD for data and signal, 2 pairs surge protection
  • Data Network SPD for Cat6 with high surge capability

Product Abstract:

Video/Radio BNC signal surge protector is designed according to the IEC standard 61643-21:2005.It can be used for single BNC terminal, F terminal and N terminal lightning protection.It is suitable for the monitoring system BNC terminal, matrix BNC terminal, optical transceiver BNC terminal, video camera BNC terminal as lightning surge protection.

Product Description


1. Different connection systems available

2. Low protection level at high current load

3. Low reflection behaviour

4. Bandwidth-optimised for secure transmission

5. Available in 50ohm and 75ohm technology





3. Video line of monitoring system

2. BNC connector of monitoring System

4. Lightning protection of other video Line signal equipments

5.BOS radio, SAT and TV systems, mobile radio

Technical Parameters:

Download Specification:


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