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UL1449 4th listed thermally protected MOV (TMOV)

  • UL1449-4th listed TMOV ( Thermally Protected MOV)
  • UL1449 4th listed thermally protected MOV (TMOV)

Product Abstract:

High Energy Thermally Protected MOV, Imax 50kA, In 20kA, UL Approval

Product Description

Type 1CA thermally protected MOV designed to open in the event of overheating due to an abnormal over-voltage or temporary over voltage (TOV) and will interrupt any abnormal current that may be encountered. 

Ø UL1449-4th approved UL for Type1CA. UL file No.:E319871

Ø Meeting IEC61643-11 standard

Ø Quick thermal response and perfect circuit cutoff function due to special thermal disconnector design with arc extinguishing device (Patent No.US20110170217A1).

Ø Wide operating temperature range and high reliability.

Ø High surge current capability and low leakage current.

Ø loating remote signaling contact (50mA 12Vdc) for fault indication

Ø Type 1CA SPD, application in the AC mains, service entrance, and heavy industrial etc.

Ø Short circuit current rating (SCCR) 200kArms

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UL No: E319871 and US Patent

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