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Type 2 40kA PV surge protector

  • Class I+II  SPD 48Vdc single pole
  • Class I+II  SPD 48Vdc two poles
  • Type 2 Arrester 40 kA for DC System
  • Type 2 Arrester 20 kA for DC System-single pole
  • Type 2 40kA PV surge protector
  • Class B+C/ class I+II DC surge protective device for PV system

Product Abstract:

Common mode DC Surge arrester for PV/DC system protection against surges at the boundaries from lightning protection zone LPZ 1- LPZ 2 and higher.

Product Description

PV40… SPEC Download



Type2 SPD designed for low voltage system protection against surges at theboundaries from lightning protection zone 1-2 and higher.

Ø  Class IIsurge protector for Photovoltaic system

Ø  EN50539 compliance

Ø  Type 2, commonmode and differential mode surge protection, 40kA surge arrester

Ø Pluggable design SPD, easy replacement

Ø Reliable supervision due to disconnectiondevice;

Ø Fault indication by red indication flag inwindow;

Ø With remote alarm terminal optional

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