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Surge Event Counter LEC-D LEC-A

  • Surge Event Counter LEC-D LEC-A

Product Abstract:

Lightning event counter is used for testing the lightning event in a certain area.

Product Description

Surge Event Counter Spec Download



Surge Counter Demonstration by Prosurge


  • Counting accurately        

  • Sensitive response        

  • Stable capability, stronglyanti-jamming.        

  • Easy to install and use        

  • Can be used together with allkinds of lightning protectors and equipment.        

  • Voltage or current countingalternative is available.         


  • Long service life due to no battery need.        

  • Maintenance free.        

  • Counting accurately        

  • Sensitive response and wide lightning currentmeasuring range        

  • Easy to install and use, a simple insertionof the down conductor through the device.        

  • Can be used together with all kinds oflightning protectors and equipment.        

  • Record surge or lightning event from trigger threshold 350A.         

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