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  • SPD for charging spot for electric vehicles This is guideline to chose SPD for charging spot for electric vehicles
  • Surge Protection For Railway Surge Protection for Railway SystemRailway system are highly sensitive and thus over voltage and over current induced by lightning stroke will damage all kinds of equipments via power supply and signal transmission channels and threat the safety and normal operation of railway system. Power supply cables and all kinds of electronic and signal equipments must with proper SPDs.Surge-Protection-for-Railway-System.pdf
  • Surge Protection for Telecom System Surge Protection for Telecom SystemWireless base station is one of the most common victims of lightning. The iron tower attract lightning and the equipments on the tower and in the machine room also endure huge secondary lightning impact. Multi-level power supply SPDs are needed for utility power . All cooper cables and optical fibers need proper SPDs. Surge Protection for Telecom System.pdf 
  • Surge Protection For Industrial Control System Surge Protection For Industrial Control SystemIn industrial control area, all sorts of equipments need data / signal connection to the control center. Lightning can paralyze the whole system and thus it is essential to install proper SPDs on various channels to protect the equipments and control center as well.Surge Protection for Industrial Control System.pdf  
  • Surge Protection For Building Surge Protection for BuildingThere are many electromechanical systems inside a building which will be damaged if lightning hit the building or nearby the building. Installing SPDs is part of a comprehensive lightning protection solution for buildings. Power supply system need multi-level lightning protection at main power distribution / secondary power distribution / client side. Proper SPDs are also needed at systems like elevator / security / fire control / broadcasting ect.Surge Protection For Building.pdf 
  • Surge Protection for CCTV Surge Protection for CCTVVarious outdoor monitoring cameras are in exposed location while the long cables will induce harmful surge voltage. With proper SPDs on camera’s power supply/video signal/control signal channels can reduce the damage to cameras and indoor equipments.Surge Protection for CCTV.pdf
  • Surge Protection For LED Street Light Surge Protection for LED Street LightLED street lights are replacing the traditional street lights with their strengths like low consumption and long life span ect. But their exposed location make it facing the impact of all kinds of surges and thus we must take these damages into consideration when installing the LED street light. It is necessary to install proper SPDs on LED street light’s power supply line.Surge Protection For LED Street Light.pdf
  • Surge Protection For Oil Station Surge Protection for Oil StationOil stations are normally situated along the road and mainly seen as individual buildings which are prone to lightning damage. Moreover, oil station is highly risky of flamming and explosion and thus lightning protection is paramount. It is not enough to have lightning protection only on oil tank area and buildings. Equipotential bonding is needed for overhead cables and proper SPDs are needed for power supply cables, test signal cables, control signal cables and telecommunication cables.Surge Protection For Oil Station.pdf
  • Surge Protection For Solar Power System Surge Protection for PV System (Solar Power System)PV systems are set up outdoors and are prone to lightning damage. Lightning and surge protections are essential to their efficient operation. After the external lightning protection, the most crucial work is to protect the invertor. SPDs are needed at the DC input end and AC output end of the invertor. They are also needed at the two ends of long distance signal cable. Surge Protection for PV System.pdf
  • Surge Protection For Wind Farm Surge Protection For Wind FarmWind Farms are in open and exposed environment and the tall windmill is highly prone to lightning damage and thus must be well-protected against it. After lightning receiving / down conducting / grounding, it is necessary to install SPDs on:stator/rotor of the generatortransformers of different levelscontrolling and communication signal cablesSurge Protection for Wind Farm.pdfSurge Protection For Wind Farm.pdf



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