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RF/Coaxial/Attenna Protector

  • RF/Coaxial/Attenna Protector
  • DB Terminal
  • SPD with multi function for CCTV, signal,controls
  • Telephone Line SPD- RJ11 connector
  • Data network SPD for Cat5, Cat5e
  • Data Surge Protector for CAT5, CAT5e with POE
  • Data surge protector for CAT6 1000Mbps surge protection
  • Data Network SPD  for Cat6 1Gbit with POE
  • Din Rail RS485 Signal Surge Protector
  • Webcam/CCTV Signal Surge Protector -BNC connector
  • SPD for  1 pair signal/data surge protection
  • SPD for data and signal, 2 pairs surge protection
  • Data Network SPD for Cat6 with high surge capability

Product Description


This product is suitable for the lightning surge protection of antenna system: such as satellite antenna, microwave, cable TV lines, etc.


Product Feature :

1,Big rated discharge current, and fast response time.

2,Low insert loss,assurance of smooth lines.

3,Small standing-wave ratio.

4,Big transmission power.

5,Can be repeated use,if there is no special damage,no need to replace.

6,Simple construction, easy to install and maintain, applicable to various types of Interface.

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