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ETL certificate (UL1449-4th T1CA) surge protective devices

  • UL1449-4th edition approved DIN Surge Arrester (multi-pole design)
  • UL1449 4th Listed DIN SPD (single pole design)
  • ETL certificate (UL1449-4th T1CA) surge protective devices

Product Abstract:

ETL listed SPD per UL1449, surge protective device, surge protector, surge arrester, surge protection device

Product Description

ETL Surge Protective Device (SPD) Naming Rule

Type1CA surge protective device especially designed for low-voltage power supply system at the boundaries from lightning protection zone 1-2 and higher.

Ø  Type 1CA surge suppressor, passed intermediate current 100A, 500A, 1000A and short circuit current rating (SCCR) 200kA without external fuse or circuit breaker.

Ø  ETL certified surge protector according to UL1449-4th

Ø  Pluggable design with window fault indication

Ø  Nominal discharge current In 20kA 8/20 per pole, max discharge current Imax 50kA 8/20 per pole

Ø  High reliability dueto global patented thermally protected MOV (TMOV) with special arc-extinguish device

Ø can be used in wide range application such as AC panel, UPS, converter, inverter etc.

Prosurge Part No.DescriptionCombination
1 Pole
HIT-V50/xxx (-S)1+0, MOV technology, MCOV 150~550Vac1 x V50/xxx
HIT-T50/xxx (-S)1+0, GDT technology, MCOV 150 / 255Vac1 x T50/xxx
Single Phase
HIT-DS50/xxx-2V(-S) 2+0, MOV technology, MOOV 150~550Vac2 x V50/xxx
HIT-DS50/xxx-(V+T) (-S) 1+1 (MOV+ GDT technology), MCOV 150~550Vac1 x V50/xxx + 1 x T50/xxx
Three Phase
HIT-DT50/XXX-3V (-S)3+0, MOV technology, MCOV 150~550Vac3 x V50/xxx
HIT-DT50/XXX-4V (-S) 4+0, MOV technology, MCOV 150~550Vac4 x V50/xxx
HIT-DT50/xxx-(3V+T) (-S) 3+1(MOV + GDT technology), MCOV 150~550Vac3 x V50/xxx + 1 x T50/xxx

Detail spec. download

Prosurge ETL DIN SPDs.pdf

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