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Din Rail RS485 Signal Surge Protector

  • RF/Coaxial/Attenna Protector
  • DB Terminal
  • SPD with multi function for CCTV, signal,controls
  • Telephone Line SPD- RJ11 connector
  • Data network SPD for Cat5, Cat5e
  • Data Surge Protector for CAT5, CAT5e with POE
  • Data surge protector for CAT6 1000Mbps surge protection
  • Data Network SPD  for Cat6 1Gbit with POE
  • Din Rail RS485 Signal Surge Protector
  • Webcam/CCTV Signal Surge Protector -BNC connector
  • SPD for  1 pair signal/data surge protection
  • SPD for data and signal, 2 pairs surge protection
  • Data Network SPD for Cat6 with high surge capability

Product Abstract:

Surge arrester for double-wire systems/RS485 against surges at the boundaries from lightning protection zone zone 0B-2 and higher.

Product Description


1. Din rail signal surge protector is applied to control signal double wire circuit in LPZ0 to LPZ3, e.g. 4~20mA circuit, RS485 circuit, RS422 circuit, gas detector, car-park system, CCTV remote monitor, remote control circuits.

2.Easy replacement of protection modules.

3.The grounding is realized through an earthing-clip on the DIN-Rail and / or earthing – clamp.

4.No limiting in operating current due to parallel connecting method.

5.Low voltage protection level,also suited for the protection of terminal equipment.

Download Specification:

Terminal block SPD for telephone line protection DM-xxx-A0.pdf

data SPD one pair line protection,DM-xxx-B0.pdf

data SPD  two pair protection DM-xxx-C0.pdf

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