1500VDC TUV SPD for PV System

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  • 1500VDC TUV SPD for PV System

Product Abstract:

DC 1500V SPD TUV approved for PV system

Product Description

Prosurge's new product- 1500V DC SPD for PV system that have got TUV certificate.

For more information, please click and download it's datasheet.

Din rail, Type 2 surge arrester with anti-vibration pluggable module for use in PVd.c. system against surges at the boundaries from lightning protection zone LPZ0B-1and higher.

Ø  TUVcertified

Ø Non-destructive screening technology for MOV

Ø Uniform current flow technology of MOV

Ø Y circuit

Ø Reliable thermo disconnect device

Ø  High dischargecapacity

Ø Consisting of a base part and pluggablemodules

Ø Easy replacing and anti-vibration due tomodule releasing and locking system

Ø Multifunctional terminals for connectingconductors and busbars

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