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10kV/10kA SPD for Street Lighting application

  • 10kV/10kA SPD for Street Lighting application

Product Abstract:

Protect outdoor LED lighting from various surges.

Product Description

PROSURGE made low voltage surge protector WS(V+T)/…-10 or WS(V+T)/…-10S is a compact surge protection device (SPD) especially for outdoor LED light and LED street light lightning & surge protection. “1+1” protection circuit enables it used universally in worldwide, no leakage current to ground (or protective conductor) to avoid malfunction of upstream residual current protection device.

Ø  Surge arrester comply with IEC 61643-11 and UL 1449 4th.

Ø  Designed to protect single phase LED light applications or other electrical and electronic facility.

Ø  Fail-safe protection to prevent a hazard to the light or facility due to end-of-life of internal component or extreme failure conditions which may caused by abnormal line voltage fluctuation etc.

Ø  Max Discharge Current up to 10kA 8/20 us and Open Circuit Voltage Uoc to 10kV.

Ø  Offering full mode protection to L-PE, L-N, N-PE.

Ø  IP65 waterproof enclosure.

PROSURGE-WS(V+T)-xxx-10 SPD for Street Lighting application.pdf (Series connection)

PROSURGE-WS(V+T)-xxx-10S SPD for Street Lighting application.pdf (Parallel connection)

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