100kA class I+II SPD

  • 12.5kA Class I+II SPD
  • 15kA Class B+C SPD
  • 25kA Class I+II Surge Protectors
  • 12.5kA  pluggable class I+II  SPD
  • 7kA class I+II pluggable 18mm SPD
  • 18mm pluggable 12.5kA Class I+II SPD
  • 35kA Class I+ Class II coordinated type
  • 50kA Class I+ Class II coordinated type
  • 25kA Class I +II SPD
  • 25kA Pluggable 36mm class I + II SPD
  • 35kA Class I overload protectors
  • 35kA Pluggable surge protector
  • 50kA class I+II spd
  • 50kA class I+II lightning protector
  • 50kA pluggable class I+II spd
  • 100kA class I+II SPD

Product Description



10/350μS Waveform Surge Generator and Type 1+2 DIN SPD Surge Current Test



100kA class I+II SPD

Surge arrester for low-voltage power supply system protection against surges at the boundaries from lightning protection zone 0 B -2 and higher.

l  Class I (B) arrester in accordance with IEC61643-11:2011, UL1449 3rd.

l  Multi-Air-Gap technology, no leakage current.

l  Maximum energy capability.

l  Low voltage protection level.

l  Reliable supervision due to disconnection device.

l  Fault indication by red indication flag in window (optional).

l  Fast response.

l  Single pole version permits the installation in up to four poles depending on the type of power system. 

G100 SPEC Download

G100P-255NPE pending.pdf


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